Welcome to the Itinerant Chef!

valli little red chefWhen I turned into a solo diner a few years ago, my fridge and freezer began to fill with containers of leftovers.  Every recipe I knew was designed to feed at least four people, and actually fed six. I began to think about all of us who have only ourselves to feed – seniors, students, solos – and it occurred to me that we could all use some simple recipes that make a single serving, or one meal plus one leftover.

Browse on through for tips and tricks.  Some recipes are for big batches that you can portion out and have on hand in your freezer.  Most of the recipes can be doubled or tripled if you need to feed more people.  Many of the recipes are more of a guideline, just a suggestion that you can customize to your own taste and requirements.

Play with your food!  It’s fun!