Start Here — Barley and Lentil Salad Base

This is more of a "How To" article than any kind of single recipe. Think of it as a call to action, at a time when most of us have abandoned our New Year's Resolutions. It's a little helper for all those who want to take lunch from home, but hate sandwiches and find lettuce salads unsatisfactory. Vegetarian too, although nothing would stop you from adding in a little tuna or bacon....

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Everything I know about Poaching Eggs

If you already know how to poach an egg, don't read this article. If, on the other hand, you avoid poaching eggs because it never works for you, you might just want to give this a peek. Throw that plastic microwave egg poacher in the garbage, and do it right!

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DIY Pre-Cooked Chicken Breasts — Save Money and Time

Before you are tempted to buy (another) package of pre-cooked sliced chicken, because it looks convenient and you're in a hurry, give this posting a read. A little pre-planning, and you can improve your personal cuisine AND save a bunch of money. Spend one afternoon or evening cooking, and you can stock your freezer with the makings for as many quick and varied meals as you have room for. So much better than leftovers!

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DIY Poststickers — Yes You Can, and Yes You Should.

Editing this posting reminded me that I haven't made potstickers in a long time. It's not rocket science, and the end results are SOOoooooo much better than store-bought. Perhaps I'll fold up a batch while I watch the Olympics this weekend.

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Everything I Know about Making Pizza At Home

This is one of the most useful recipes I have played with. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like pizza, and kids love it, especially when they can make it themselves. The youngest group of cooks I have entertained this way were about 10 years old, and they had total success. Making your own pizza is faster than you think, and so much more satisfying than any of the alternatives. Plan a kitchen party! Suggestions for using your BBQ as a pizza oven are included!

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How To — Teriyaki — A Complete Primer

I love the flavor of teriyaki, and it's so easy to prepare with some kitchen staples. Making your own sauce will give you fresher-tasting results that you can customize to your own liking.

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How to Cook Rice

This is a "How To" intended for novice cooks. If you are in the habit of buying pre-cooked rice, please read this article. If you are in the habit of being less than satisfied with the rice you cook at home, there may be a few pointers that might help. Don't buy your college-bound kid a rice cooker until you check this article out.

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Fresh Pasta for One Hungry Diner (or two smaller appetites, to share)

I have been playing with fresh pasta on and off for a couple of years, and more recently using gluten-free flour blends. I have even had a few trials with "aquafaba" in place of eggs. Fresh pasta makes a great party meal, especially if your diners participate in the rolling. I'll add some sauces later ... stay tuned!

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How to Make Crispy Meringue, and what to do with it

This recipe for Crispy Meringue is the companion piece to the Cookie Brittle recipe. It's more of a "How to" than a "Gifts from the Kitchen", but I wanted to get it out there in case you were planning to do some baking today. TONS of variations in this recipe -- have fun deciding what you want to do.

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A Different Take on Leftovers — Turkey Pizza

Sorry for that last garbled posting -- it was just the Potato Bun recipe you need to make Turkey Pizza. Which you will want to do. In a couple of days. Happy Turkey Day!

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