Turkey: Part Three — The Dark Meat

Braised Dark Turkey -- Here's a different way to approach the holiday bird. Whether you need a nice big second dish on "Turkey Day", or want to stock up your freezer with single servings, braising is a good way to prepare plenty of turkey in a tasty way. It's a bit like pulled pork, only poultry.

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How to Microwave Fish

It's me again! This is the companion piece to the Stir-Fried Greens, and second in the "How To" series for single cooks who are just learning how to feed themselves. If tasty, healthy food is also easy, perhaps more people will eat it! Buy a little frozen salmon or sole, and give this a whirl.

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How to Stir-Fry Greens

It's "Back to School" season, and if students going off to college or uni didn't spend the summer learning to cook, I'm posting a few basic "How To" lessons to round out the pizza/KD diet known to exist in res or other shared accommodation. Greens are probably the LAST thing on the menu, so here's a bit of advice on how to make them tasty and easy.

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How to Put Together Lettuce Wraps

Tired of burgers? It's still the middle of summer, so give yourself a break and plan for some lettuce wraps. More of a concept than a recipe, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and the contents of your fridge. Have a little read, and give it a whirl.

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How To Roast Red Peppers — Harvest the Bounty

In keeping with the "Harvest the Bounty" theme, here's a step-by-step description of "How to Roast Red Peppers". You can do one, or you can do a gazillion -- the method is the same. Tuck some in your freezer for a delicious mid-winter pasta with the flavor of summer.

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How to Pan-Grill a Steak

Everybody has an opinion on how to barbecue a steak. Here are instructions on pan-grilling, a skill that will help you all year 'round.

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Pico de Gallo (Fresh Tomato Salsa)

This is NOT like the salsa that comes in a jar -- it's much fresher and sharper in flavor.   Pico de Gallo is the conventional garnish for tacos of all kinds.  It is also the jumping off point for all kinds of variations -- for example, replace the tomatoes with firm ripe nectarines or peaches or [...]

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Zucchini “Noodles” – a Versatile Side

Late September is exactly the time of year when you hear that joke about never leaving your car unattended on the street with the windows open, because you might return to find it full of zucchinis. As the last warm days of autumn come to an end, a forgotten squash can turn into a behemoth before you know it.  [...]

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