DIY Pre-Cooked Chicken Breasts — Save Money and Time

Before you are tempted to buy (another) package of pre-cooked sliced chicken, because it looks convenient and you're in a hurry, give this posting a read. A little pre-planning, and you can improve your personal cuisine AND save a bunch of money. Spend one afternoon or evening cooking, and you can stock your freezer with the makings for as many quick and varied meals as you have room for. So much better than leftovers!

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Hollandaise — Yes, you CAN make it with just one egg yolk

This is a link to the instructions for Hollandaise from Serious Eats. It's a companion to the Corned Beef Hash, just in case you wanted to try your hand at fusing the hash with Eggs Benedict, y'know, just because you can.

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Crispy Shrimp (or Chicken, or Fish)

Seeking to satisfy a craving for “crispy-crunchy-golden-munchie”, and loathing clean-up, I chose to embrace a compromise, a sort of new-age shake and bake.  Choose a protein, and go to town. For all the details, check out the complete blog posting here.Crispy Shrimp (or Chicken, or Fish) - The following recipe is dead simple, really fast, [...]

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Fast Mac and Cheese (A Life Skill)

Did you grow up on Kraft® Dinner, or something similar?  Is that how you sustained yourself at college?  I had to give my kids KD lessons before they left home, because we didn’t use it, and they weren’t going to be able to make “Mama’s” mac and cheese in any old dorm room microwave.  At home we made béchamel (look it [...]

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