Gifts from the Kitchen — Cookie Brittle

I haven't disappeared -- it's just the "Silly Season", when you can do everything you planned, or everything that comes up, but not both. Throw in a lingering cold, and time just slips away. I shall endeavor to get as many "Gifts from the Kitchen" up and published as I can in the next couple of weeks. This recipe for Cookie Brittle is very easy to make, and you likely have everything you need in your pantry right now (I made one batch with Rice Krispies standing in for nuts and coconut, and it wasn't bad). Keep it in mind when you suddenly remember that Aunt Gertie is coming by for her annual visit! (Hope she still has good teeth :))

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Everything you ever wanted to know about making a few cookies….

This is a re-posting of one of the first blogs I ever wrote. Apparently I was going to change the world, one small batch of cookies at a time. I submit it to you as we begin the "entertaining season", and you might need to whip up a little something in a hurry. Please forgive the information overload -- I find it amusing now, as I recall the context in which it was written. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

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Gifts from the Kitchen — Biscotti

For a couple of years, I have happily volunteered to help my friend Carmaine do a mammoth bake-off of biscotti, which she bundles up and distributes to her many, many friends at Christmas.  She has a whole bunch of recipes. While she and a friend make batches of dough, I man the other side of the counter, shaping, baking, slicing and re-baking. [...]

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How to Cure the Common Cold — Egg Drop Soup

Today was the first meaningful snowfall of the season here in Calgary. That means the beginning of cold and flu season, and THAT means Egg Drop Soup. This recipe provides gentle nourishment to the bedridden, or quick supper to the healthy. As always you can customize the recipe to suit your palate and your pantry.

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Food Choices, or Why I Make My Own Tomato Soup

I think many of us consider a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich high on the list of "comfort foods", harkening back to childhood. Once you start making your own tomato soup, you'll never look back in the same way again. This recipe makes it easy to choose home-made soup over "processed-canned" -- a container in your freezer is just as convenient as a can in the cupboard.

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Multi-tasking Star — Potato and Leek Soup (take that, Mr. Campbell)

This soup has replaced canned Cream of Mushroom for all the variation soups i used to make in my early (pre-culinary school) cooking days, like Cheddar and Broccoli, or a quick chowder. Make lots, and keep it in the freezer. Winter is coming -- you're going to need lots of soup! There are several suggested variations in this recipe, and of course, you can always create your own.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Borscht (or maybe it is…)

Borscht is one of my favorite soups, easy to make any time of the year. It has that sweet/salty/sour/savory blend that makes a perfect dish. I like it chunky, and I like it "Bisque" -- both those ideas are included. As always, you can modify this recipe to make it "just like Gramma's", whether she was Ukrainian or not.

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Things That Make You Go “MMMmmmmm”….. Cream of Mushroom Soup

The leaves have mostly fallen, and the temperatures are dropping. This is a good time for soup. I have a few on file, and I'll post them all as time permits. This mushroom soup beats all canned versions hands down -- very mushroom--y. Lots of scope for imagination too -- keep it pretty plain, or dress it up for company.

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A Different Take on Leftovers — Turkey Pizza

Sorry for that last garbled posting -- it was just the Potato Bun recipe you need to make Turkey Pizza. Which you will want to do. In a couple of days. Happy Turkey Day!

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Stuffing on Demand, or “Think Outside the Turkey”

This "outside-the-bird" stuffing recipe is a multi-tasker -- it works on "Turkey Day", and it works everyday too. It's a do-ahead approach that can make your feast preparation a little easier. Customize it to suit your own needs.

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