I still have turkey, but I’M OUT OF GRAVY!

Oops! "No Bird Gravy" came out with ingredients, but no method! Here it is again. Thanks for your patience.

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Turkey: Part Three — The Dark Meat

Braised Dark Turkey -- Here's a different way to approach the holiday bird. Whether you need a nice big second dish on "Turkey Day", or want to stock up your freezer with single servings, braising is a good way to prepare plenty of turkey in a tasty way. It's a bit like pulled pork, only poultry.

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Cranberry Sauce — Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold….

Cranberry Sauce With Orange -- I don't know why you would buy that stuff in a can when it only takes minutes to make, and you can customize it any way you like. This is a basic recipe to get you started, You can leave out the orange entirely, or continue to add herbs and/or spices to make your own unique creation.

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Turkey: Part Two — The White Meat

Here's Turkey Part Two: The White Meat. Directions about brining can be applied to whole chickens or chicken breasts, or pork loin roasts too.

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Turkey: Part One — Getting Started and Making Stock

This is the first in a series of Turkey postings. I'm starting with Breaking Down the Bird, and Turkey Stock. I'm planning to move on through Brined and Roasted Turkey Breast, Braised Dark Turkey, and then all the trimmings. If I'm really lucky, I'll get them all done before Thanksgiving.

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Rotisserie Chicken vs. Roast Your Own Chicken

Here comes Thanksgiving! Solo diners often choose chicken over turkey, even if they are having a guest or two at their table. I'm taking the liberty of re-posting my comparison of store-cooked rotisserie chickens versus home roasted birds. My sister, Robin, has always valued the store-rotisserie chicken as the "Working Person's Friend", and I agree!

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Chocolate Granola — Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, Snack….

Another installment in the "Back to School" series. If you have trouble getting kids to eat breakfast, give them a bag of this to eat in the car or on the bus. It's great with yogurt. Make a batch and send it as a care package to your newly departed university or college student. Include the recipe -- maybe they'll make some themselves (I live in hope...)

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Falafel — Versatile, Healthy, and CHEAP

I posted the Falafel recipe early on in my switch from blog format to website format. Here it is again, in the "Back to School" series. Forward it to your kids who are going off to university or college -- it makes great, cheap party food, and a nice change from the ever-popular chili.

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Ricotta Gnocchi – One of My Favorite Things

I know I have posted this recipe a few times, but it's still one of my favorites. if you make your own fresh cheese, you can make Ricotta Gnocchi lactose-free. They're really easy to make gluten-free. I always have some in the freezer, and I'm always glad I do! Now that the days aren't so hot, make up a batch for quick future dinners when September hits like the steam-roller it usually is.

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Portobello Mushroom “Burger” – when you need a break from meat…

Tired of beef burgers? Have you already given the Bahn Mi burgers a try? Here's a "burger" featuring a whole Portobello Mushroom in place of meat, and smoked tofu in place of bacon. It makes a nice change. It's not "vegan", although a clever cook could make it so. If you choose a gluten-free bun, then it's gluten-free. If you use oil rather than butter, and leave off the Boursin, it's lactose free. Think of this recipe as a starting point, and then make it your own.

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