Dinner in a Hurry — Thai Green Curry

If you keep a few essential ingredients on hand, in your fridge and in your freezer, you can have an exotic and flavorful dinner on the table faster and fresher than take-out. Make up some Thai Green Curry Paste (maybe share some with a friend) and enjoy delicious Thai Green Curry from your own kitchen -- way less expensive, and much more satisfying.

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Chicken with Lemon and Capers — Fast, and Elegant Too

This is the best kind of fast food -- tasty, and a bit more elegant than "heat and eat". This is a good recipe to have in your arsenal. Whether you dress it up or down, it's very quick, and you can pick up everything you need in a five-minute stop at the grocery store. Not much clean-up, either.

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Risotto Cakes — Arancini’s Cousin

After much delay, here's the follow-up to the Risotto recipe. Although Kari proved that leftover risotto CAN be re-heated successfully, Risotto Cakes turn it into a whole new meal. Shallow frying is a transferrable skill -- lots of notes included.

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Because You’re Worth It — Crème Brûlée for Two

I love custard in any of its many forms. This recipe is the best of the best. Buy yourself a brulee torch, if you don't already own one, and get cracking! Share this treat with a friend, or treat yourself to two desserts -- not necessarily on two separate days either!

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Staying In for Coffee — Penny Pinching Cheats

This is a re-posting of a "New Year's Resolution" piece I did a few years ago. I still have my "Poor Man's Mocha Latte" every morning, and I make the "uptown" version when I have guests for brunch. Give this a try, if you're a mocha addict like I am -- it's the best way to enjoy a serving and a half of milk.

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Why I Learned to make Latkes

It's a little late for this year, but latkes are delicious any time. Add them to your list of things to put under leftover turkey. For me, latkes are a little guilty pleasure, and I love to top them with poached eggs -- a lovely brunch idea, by the way. Did you need another brunch idea?

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Swedish Pancakes — The French Crepe’s Foreign Cousin

Are you hosting a brunch some time in the next three weeks? While you still have some time to breathe, make up a batch of Swedish Pancakes and tuck them away in the freezer. They re-heat to tender goodness in the microwave, and you can garnish them any way you like. They're sweeter, richer, and more tender than classic Crepes, and every bit as versatile. This recipe has ingredient lists for both a small and a big batch, and I included my choice of gluten-free flour blend in case you need it.

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How to Be a Star — Twice-Baked Soufflés

How many guests are you expecting over the next three weeks? I don't know either, but I'm going to make up some of these "Twice-Baked Soufflés" and tuck them away in my freezer so I can entertain impressively on short notice. This is the last chance I have to do pre-planning before the phone starts to ring, and I want to be ready. I hope you'll be ready too. Stock up your fridge and freezer, and get ready to play!

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Gifts from the Kitchen — Butterscotch Squares

I have heard these cookies referred to as "Crack", and I don't think the writer was describing the texture. They are my Christmas give-away go-to. Everybody knows them! My recipe is scaled down to use just four double graham wafers, to keep you from dying of goodness. You can, of course, make as many as you want! Have fun personalizing yours with toppings of your choice.

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How to Make Crispy Meringue, and what to do with it

This recipe for Crispy Meringue is the companion piece to the Cookie Brittle recipe. It's more of a "How to" than a "Gifts from the Kitchen", but I wanted to get it out there in case you were planning to do some baking today. TONS of variations in this recipe -- have fun deciding what you want to do.

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