Spanakopita Snacks

It's great to have these in the freezer for party snacks. For the full blog posting, please click here.Spanakopita Snacks - This makes a big batch -- so you'll have lots on hand. - Seasoned Stuffing Mix (120gm box) (or 1 3/4 cups seasoned fine bread crumbs), Butter (melted and cooled), Large Eggs, Crumbled Feta [...]

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Twice-Baked Savory Souffle

These little souffles can be stockpiled in the freezer for easy entertaining. For all the variations, please check out the full blog posting by clicking here.Twice-Baked Savory Souffle - Make these small for appetizers, or larger for entrees. - Butter, Flour ((Gluten free flour is fine)), Milk or Cream (warmed), Grated Cheese (like Parmesan or [...]

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Tapenade is a quick an easy entertainer, and a versatile ingredient too.  Dip, sandwich spread, pizza topping -- lots of possibilities. For all alternate ingredient ideas, please refer to the complete blog posting by clicking here.  Tapenade - Make a little, make a lot. It freezes! - Pitted Olives, (black, green, or a combination), Anchovy Paste [...]

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Deviled Egg Spread

All the flavor of a deviled egg, with none of the fuss. For variation ideas, including making REAL deviled eggs, check the blog post here.  Deviled Egg Spread - My version has ham and cheese. You can change up the add-ins to suit your fancy. - Eggs (Roughly chopped), Diced Ham, Grated Cheddar Cheese, Mayonnaise, [...]

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Pico de Gallo (Fresh Tomato Salsa)

This is NOT like the salsa that comes in a jar -- it's much fresher and sharper in flavor.   Pico de Gallo is the conventional garnish for tacos of all kinds.  It is also the jumping off point for all kinds of variations -- for example, replace the tomatoes with firm ripe nectarines or peaches or [...]

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Crispy Shrimp (or Chicken, or Fish)

Seeking to satisfy a craving for “crispy-crunchy-golden-munchie”, and loathing clean-up, I chose to embrace a compromise, a sort of new-age shake and bake.  Choose a protein, and go to town. For all the details, check out the complete blog posting here.Crispy Shrimp (or Chicken, or Fish) - The following recipe is dead simple, really fast, [...]

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Celebrate tomatoes!  The minute the summer solstice announces the shortening of  days, get as much mileage out of Farmers' Markets as you can.  I plan to eat as much market-fresh produce as possible while there is some chance that it was grown close to where I live.  If your own garden gives you lots of tomatoes, eat [...]

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Ricotta Gnocchi

This may be a project you would like to undertake with a friend:  Make a budget, make a big batch, have a little feast while you freeze up the surplus, then share the spoils.  Party in the kitchen!   To check out the full blog posting featuring this recipe, and for LOTS of variations on the theme, click [...]

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If you're cooking for a crowd, finished latkes can be held in a warm oven, uncovered and on a rack to retain their crispy goodness.  They make an excellent base for a breadless variation of Eggs Benedict. Leftovers can be frozen (well wrapped in plastic, then bagged), and reheated in the microwave if you don't [...]

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