Green Bennie Sauce

or Avocado Hollandaise, if you prefer.  This pale green sauce makes an excellent alternative Eggs Bennie. For all the details, check out the full blog posting by clicking here.  Green Bennie Sauce - You can use a standard blender, immersion (hand-held) blender, or small food processor - Avocado, Very Hot Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Good [...]

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Peanut Sauce

This easy Peanut Sauce is good for hot or cold noodles, and stir-fries.  You can make it as spicy as you want. For the full posting using this recipe, please click here.Peanut Sauce - Adjust all seasonings to taste - Peanut Butter (any kind), Chicken or Vegetable broth (or water), Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce (or [...]

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Teriyaki Sauce – Single Serving

So many ways to use this -- stir fry, marinade, or sauce up your burger. For the complete posting using this recipe, click here.Teriyaki Sauce - Single Serving - Make this small batch from ingredients you have on hand. - Soy Sauce, Mirin (or dry sherry), Rice Wine Vinegar (or Saki), Packed Brown Sugar, Garlic, [...]

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Butterscotch Sauce – Single Serving

So easy.  Always delicious.  Very versatile. For the full blog posting that contained this recipe, click here.Butterscotch Sauce - Single Serving - For a big batch, check out the full posting. The 1:2:1 ratio of butter, brown sugar and cream can be applied to any quantity. - Butter, Brown Sugar (dark or light), Heavy (Whipping) [...]

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Thai Green Curry Paste

Take the time to make up a batch and keep it in the freezer.  You'll like it better than the commercial product, because it's yours. For Curry in a Hurry, check out the blog posting by clicking here.Thai Green Curry Paste - All quantities are suggestions – you can adjust any of the flavorful ingredients [...]

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Cranberry Sauce with Orange

So quick and east to make.  Use fresh or frozen berries, and serve it hot or cold. For the full blog posting, click here.Cranberry Sauce with Orange - Feel free to add herbs and/or spices to customize your sauce. I like to add a pinch of red pepper flakes. - Fresh Cranberries (about 4 cups) [...]

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Tapenade is a quick an easy entertainer, and a versatile ingredient too.  Dip, sandwich spread, pizza topping -- lots of possibilities. For all alternate ingredient ideas, please refer to the complete blog posting by clicking here.  Tapenade - Make a little, make a lot. It freezes! - Pitted Olives, (black, green, or a combination), Anchovy Paste [...]

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Roasted Red Pepper Dip

This is a very easy blender recipe.  Make it as zippy as you like. For the "How to Roast Red Peppers" posting, click here.Roasted Red Pepper Dip - Make any amount you like. This freezes well. Stir some into your mac and cheese! - Roasted Red Peppers, (from a jar, or your own), Feta Cheese [...]

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Quick Pickled Vegetables

This quick pickle is delicious on Bahn Mi Burgers.  Leftovers can be a tasty addition to salads and sandwiches. For the Bahn Mi Burger posting, click here.Quick Pickled Vegetables - - Grated or Julienne Daikon ((Radish)), Grated or julienne carrot, Grated or julienne English Cucumber, Rice Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, to taste, Prepare vegetables by [...]

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Fortified Mayonnaise

This recipe was designed for the Bahn Mi Burgers, but it's pretty tasty on just about anything where you would like your mayo to have a little extra something. For the full Bahn Mi Burger posting, click here.Fortified Mayonnaise - This is NOT the popular Chipotle mayo, although you could add some if you wanted [...]

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